NIDO UK South's executive members have successfully continued and expanded the initiative of setting up committees. The committees have been charged with specific duties to be carried out under the supervision of the Executive. One of their main duties is to address their fellow members' needs in the areas of housing, welfare, A week in Nigeria, and much more.
The committees are one of the key ways the executive members are delivering on the 5C mandate they were voted in to deliver (the 5Cs are CONTINUITY, COMPETENCY, CAPABILITY, CAPACITY BUILDING, COLLABORATIONS & INCLUSIONS) .
Each committee is chaired by an appointed Head and all Financial members are eligible to join any committee of their choosing. The committees report directly to the Executive and all their activities are carefully overseen by them.

In the spirit of COLLABORATIONS & INCLUSIONS, the organisation welcomes all ideas and projects 

List of Committees

  • NIDO UK SOUTH - CANUK Relationship 

  • Partnership 

  •  Migration 

  • Credit Union

  • Education

  • Housing

  • Welfare

  • Good Governance

  • Politics

  • Diaspora Day

  • Constitution Review

  • Empowerment

  • Ethics

  • Policy

  • Media and Editorial

Selecting a Committee

To join any of the committees, please fill out the form below or alternatively email us your preference as shown below